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Roman Stack Stone is tumbled for a more informal cottage look.  It is incredibly easy to work with becasue of its small size and relatively light weight.


Retaining Walls require 6 inches of compacted gravel for a base (3/4” crushed rock is recommended), and 12 inches for drainage behind the wall as back fill. Some retaining walls also require a cap unit for the top. These are important things to consider in the planning and budgeting phases of your project. 


When using the calculator (at right) you will need to add one course to the height of your wall.  It is always a good idea to bury the bottom course of block for stability.


4.5 pieces per square foot


Product Dimensions:

front: 4"x8"x6"

back: 4"x6"x6"


Roman Stack Stone:

$2.21 ea

4 pallet minimum for delivery, or $50 delivery fee.


Common Uses

Garden Walls

Raised Beds

Fire Pits

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What to Expect on Delivery

This material is delivered on a flatbed truck, with a forklift.  Material can be placed with the forklift, as long as accessibility permits.  Click here for more delivery details.