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Create walls with a natural stone appearance without sacrificing stability. This system pairs a rough-hewn exterior with the easy-to-install, rear-lip system. Anchor Highland Wall is a more reliable alternative than stone walls. The three unit system does not require a pattern, but can be used in any combination. A complimenting column and freestanding wall allow a seamless look throughout the design.  Available in Desert Blend, Victorian, and Shadow Blend.


Retaining Walls require 6 inches of compacted gravel for a base (3/4" crushed rock is recommended), and 12 inches for drainage behind the wall as backfill. Some retaining walls also require a cap unit for the top. These are important things to consider in the planning and budgeting phases of your project


1.33 pieces per square feet


Product Dimensions:

large: 6"x18"x12"

medium: 6"x12"x12"

small: 6"x6"x12"

 (medium and small sold as a pair, when combined they are equal to the size of one large unit)


front: 3"x18"x13"

back: 3"x18"x12"

column/corner unit:





Retaining Wall:

$7.50 per unit

Cap unit:

$4.62 ea


4 pallet minimum for delivery, or $50 delivery fee.

Common Uses

Retaining Walls

Garden Walls

Raised Beds

Fire Pits

Seat Walls


Outdoor Kitchens

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What to Expect on Delivery

This material is delivered on a flatbed truck, with a forklift.  Material can be placed with the forklift, as long as accessibility permits.  Click here for more delivery details.