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Diamond Pro® is very cost effective, because of its large size, it covers a large area for the price. A hollow block, Diamond Pro is recommended to be filled with gravel and in some cases stabilized with rebar. A cap unit can be placed along the top for a more finished look.  Available in Gray, Tan, and Desert Blend.


Retaining Walls require 6 inches of compacted gravel for a base (3/4” crushed rock is recommended), and 12 inches for drainage behind the wall as back fill. Some retaining walls also require a cap unit for the top. These are important things to consider in the planning and budgeting phases of your project


1 piece per square foot


Product dimensions: 8"x18"x12"


Gray: $5.80 ea

Colors $6.45 ea

4 pallet minimum for delivery, or $50 delivery fee.


Common Uses

Retaining Walls

Garden Walls

Raised Beds

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What to Expect on Delivery

This material is delivered on a flatbed truck, with a forklift.  Material can be placed with the forklift, as long as accesibility permits.  Click here for more delivery details.