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This concrete paver looks like natural stone. However, it can be leveled much more effectively. This makes it a great candidate for patio furniture, while still providing a natural look.  Available in four colors: Victorian, Toscana, Autumn, and Rio.


Pavers require 4-6 inches of compacted gravel and 1 inch of sand (for leveling) in sub-grade preparation.  Sub-grade and excavation are important details to remember during the planning and budgeting phases of your project.


.69 pieces per square foot

8.3 square feet per layer

104.4 square feet per pallet




60mm Patio Slab $4.35 per square foot

4 pallet minimum for delivery, or $50 delivery fee.  Sold in full layers.

Common Uses




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What to Expect on Delivery

This material is delivered on a flatbed truck, with a forklift.  Material can be placed with the forklift, as long as accessibility permits.  Click here for more delivery details.