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The simplicity and versatility of the Holland paver make it a popular choice of homeowners. The traditional brick shape of the Holland can be used in an endless array of design possibilities. Colors include Victorian, Toscana, Autumn, Charcoal, and Red/Charcoal.


Pavers require 4-6 inches of compacted gravel and 1 inch of sand (for leveling) in sub-grade preparation.  Sub-grade and excavation are important details to remember during the planning and budgeting phases of your project.


4"x8"x2 3/8"

140.87 square feet per pallet


$2.55 per square foot

4 pallet minimum for delivery, or $50 delivery fee.

Common Uses




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What to Expect on Delivery

This material is delivered on a flatbed truck, with a forklift.  Material can be placed with the forklift, as long as accessibility permits.  Click here for more delivery details.