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This favorite is available in a dusty red color, available in red sand, 1" or 2" size. Lava rock is naturally light weight, making it easy to work with.


Delivery Prices are determined by location.  Please call for delivered prices.


The calculator (at right) will provide you with the number of tons needed for a given space, at two inches deep.


When your decorative rock arrives it can be quite dusty, as a natural part of the crushing process.  While most of this “dust” is screened out, some will remain.  One the rock has been spread, just give it a quick rinse to bring out its true colors.


$86.98 per ton picked up

Common Uses

garden beds

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What to Expect on Delivery

This material is delivered in a dump truck.  We gladly make deliveries to the curb line, you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability for all deliveries made inside your property line.  Please keep in mind large vehicles cannot make sharp turns.  Also please be aware that any overhead obstacles, such as power lines, tree limbs, and other overhanging obstructions may prevent a dump truck from dumping.  All dumping locations are up to the discretion of the professional driver, while keeping safety and liability in mind.  Click here for more details on delivery.