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Have you considered a fertile mulch for your flowers and roses? A 1 or 2" layer of EKO Compost offers the advantages of moisture retention and cooling the soil in addition to a slow released organic fertilizer. Consider using EKO Compost as a mulch for those beds that you pay close attention to as weed seeds will find EKO to be a loving home as well as your ornamentals. EKO Compost also makes a great topdress for lawn. A thin layer will transform your lawn into a lush healthy one. EKO compost is comprised of clean green material and bio solids, fully composted so plants are able to access its nutrients. Available in bulk or in bags.


$42.95 per yard picked up

$47.95 per yard delivered


$175 minimum for delivery

Common Uses

soil amendment

fertile mulch

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What to Expect on Delivery

This material is delivered in a dump truck.  We gladly make deliveries to the curb line, you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability for all deliveries made inside your property line.  Please keep in mind large vehicles cannot make sharp turns.  Also please be aware that any overhead obstacles, such as power lines, tree limbs, and other overhanging obstructions may prevent a dump truck from dumping.  All dumping locations are up to the discretion of the professional driver, while keeping safety and liability in mind.  Click here for more details on delivery.