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Control weeds without using chemicals, with DeWitt brand weed barrier.  DeWitt sets the industry standard for weed barriers, it is far superior than other entry-level fabrics and plastics.  This unique design not only controls weeds before they start, it also helps conserve water!


Dont forget to use pins, especially on corners and seams!


6 year (1.5 oz) 3'x50' $12.99
  3'x100' $23.99
  3'x300' $42.99
  6'x300' $90.99
12 year (3 oz) 3'x50' $19.89
  3'x100' $38.89
  3'x300' $109.89
  4'x300' $150.89
  6'x300' $211.89
PRO5 (5 oz) 3'x250' $146.89
  4'x250' $184.89
  6'x250' $271.89
6" Pins 12 count $1.49
  500 count $55.00
  1000 count $74.00


Common Uses

Weed Control

Garden Beds

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What to Expect on Delivery

Rolls of Weed Fabric and pins can be added to any delivery.