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Helpful Hints:

  • Lay a tarp down before your material is delivered, for easy clean up
  • If driving over grass, a dump truck will most likely make ruts.  Especially in the spring when the ground is soft.
  • Over head obstacles are often a problem.  Be aware of any power lines, tree branches, or other obstructions.  A dump truck uses a hydraulic lift to dump the material from its box, it must raise several feet in the air.
  • All deliveries made inside the curb line require a signature to waive liability.


Material can be dumped on the street, however we recomend to move material relatively quickly.  In the same day is best.  The pile pictured at left is 7 cubic yards.  It is good to plan accordingly, where you will have your material dumped and to be sure it can be accessed by a full size dump truck.


A pile of 10 yards (13 tons) is pictured at right.  A dump truck is heavy enough to break a concrete driveway or curb, especially when fully loaded.  If you would like to have your material dumped on your driveway, you will be asked to sign a waiver of liability first.


A load that cannot be dumped may result in charges, for the time the truck spent to travel to a job site.


We often recieve compliments on how accomodating our drivers are.  Our drivers will make every effort to get your material as close to where you would like it as possible.  Our drivers are all professionals with many years of experience (over 100 combined!), it is our policy that their judgement is sound.  If the driver does not feel a location is accessible, he may suggest an alternate place to dump.

where to dump