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When Spokane International Academy opened it's new location on 4th, they wanted to create another community garden, similar to the one we helped them build in 2014.  We donated our Premium Garden Soil to the Environmental Studies class for use in their raised beds.  Along with Glad Tiding's Church they will be creating a vegetable and herb garden for use in the school cafeteria as well as to help feed the local community.  Students at SIA will learn about food deserts and the importance of growing food in the community, rather than importing it from outside areas.  The students get their hands dirty, shoveling the soil, sewing and tending the plants, and harvesting their produce.

Teaching younger generations about growing their own produce, lays a foundation for heathy eating later in life.  Gardening also fosters a sound work ethic.  The hard work that goes into building and creating a garden as well as the pride that comes with a bountiful harvest instills invaluable life lessons.

Wittkopf Landscape Supply is proud to work with organizations like Spokane International Academy to provide these important resources to our community.

SIA Community Garden Phase II