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Wittkopf Landscape Supply's history

In business since 1942, our materials are tried and true!

Harold and Lawrence "Larry" Wittkopf started Wittkopf Trucking (now Wittkopf Landscape Supply) in 1942.  They had two trucks, that were purchased as military surplus after World War II.  The trucks arrived in crates, Harold and Larry assembled them, and they were in business! At first they hauled mostly lumber and chord wood, but the business soon evolved.  They hauled everything from potatoes, to clay and they hauled the first bark to be used in Spokane.  Wittkopf Trucking (as it was called in those days) soon became a fixture in the community. 


As the brothers married and started their families, their business grew too.  Lawrence and Louise soon settled into a cozy home just across the road from where Wittkopf's main location still stands.  While Harold and Larry kept the trucks going, Louise kept the books and the kids helped out too.  Eventually there were four children that came along; Julie, Larry, Robin and Ronny.  As the family grew, so did the business; they added a truck here and there until there was a small fleet and a few pieces of 

equipement.  The boys began helping out more and more, riding along on the long hot clay run from Mica to Spokane during the summers.  Before long Larry had his own truck and was hauling right along with his Dad.


Larry took over the business from his Dad and became partners with Harold in the mid seventies, and began molding it into what it is today.  Julies's son Josh became like a shadow to Larry and Harold, always observing and learning.  He eventually learned how to operate equipment, and became a pretty good mechanic at a young age.  Today he is the best diesel mechanic around!


As the 1980's came around, Larry met and married Kristy, and their children were soon on the way.  Wittkopf Trucking became Wittkopf Landscape Supply the fleet was expanded and the landscape supply yard was born.  Wittkopf's soon had multiple locations and their trucks were seen all across town.  In 1990 the last of three girls was born, Delayne.  The 90's also brought big changes to the business.  Spokane was growing, and along with it the Landscape Industry.  The fleet of trucks was expanded and new jobs were created to accommodate the increase in business.  The office staff was expanded and the two eldest girls, Miranda and Emily were soon helping out with small odd jobs.




Today Wittkopf Landscape Supply is the industry leader in landscape material in Spokane.  Larry and Kristy still run the business, along with their eldest daughter Miranda and her husband Chris.  Delayne runs the front counter and the busy hub that is the dispatch office at the north side location.  The family's philosophy is to provide top quality materials, with the best service in town.  And because their name is literally on the line, you can be assured they will do everything in their power to make sure your experience is the best it can be.  "Wittkopf Landscape Supplies, everything else is just dirt!"


The Wittkopf's



Wittkopf Landscape Supply in the community



Wittkopf Landscape Supply's Mud Bog truck headed for the Bogs for Dogs at the Humane Society.





Bogs for Dogs at the Humane Society



Humane Society's Furr Ball 2012






Antique Trucks


1947 Diamond T







Headed to the Antique Truck Historical Society truck show in Yakima 2013








ATHS Truck Show in California


















1955 Kenworth














The view from Arbor Crest